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2024 Wood Floor Trends: 21 Trendy Flooring Ideas

Wood flooring is a timeless choice, and despite the proliferation of wood-look flooring solutions, there will always be a demand for solid hardwood and engineered wood floors.

When I say “classic,” I don’t mean dull. In fact, the wood flooring trends for 2024 are far from boring.

As technology advances, wood competitors such as laminate, vinyl, and tile (yes, tile has entered the game!) increase their performance. To stay competitive, wood makers must keep their products unique, stylish, and up-to-date.

In the past, wood established the trend, and other flooring makers followed suit. However, these other flooring options are pushing the boundaries, and wood flooring is adapting accordingly.
What Other Experts Are Saying
When it comes to trends and style, we want to make sure you’re receiving a balanced perspective. Here’s what some industry experts predict for 2024:

“I always pick “trends” that I believe will endure in the marketplace.” Elongated tiles or planks have made a big impact and are here to stay. Your finest option measures 6-8″ wide and 24′-48″ long. This size allows for a comfortable, informal presentation. We are all aware that gray is the new beige, and flooring colors are a great example of this. Wood flooring has incorporated the gray color by creating floors that have a “driftwood” appearance. Hardwood, or “hardwood-looking,” tiles in deep and medium tones have gained popularity. Yellow-toned oak hues and cherry tones are no longer present. Matte or satin finishes are both available. Gone are the days of a high gloss floor.” Courtney Greger

“We predict three major themes in the home décor arena: exploring the possibilities of innovative technologies, celebrating alternative and organic materials, and striving to create more personalized and unique designs.” In terms of flooring, this will result in the return of eco-friendly materials like marmoleum and cork, as well as the use of parquet-type planks to create more individualized patterned floors. For hardwood enthusiasts, the present trend toward broader planks will continue, as will the use of mixed-width planks, which provide a less uniform, more personalized feel.

In 2023, the colors were all about the extremes. There is little in between the extremes of darkness and brightness. Except for all shades of gray. Gray is a wonderful thing.

Dark floors are officially on their way out. In 2024, we’re shifting to the lighter end of the spectrum. In fact, the lights are becoming more intense, resulting in more white-washed, beachy appearances.

However, some warmer, middle-of-the-road hardwood flooring concepts will also appear. Homeowners are increasingly using flooring to establish the tone or feel of their space. This implies we need more options! Manufacturers are responding with more stunning colors than ever before.

However, not all of these trends are currently popular. Here are the top wood floor color trends for 2024.
Blonde wood floors
For many years, lighter floors were considered outmoded or inexpensive. That’s no longer the case. Definitely not!

As more homeowners appreciate the open, airy ambiance of their homes, light wood floors will make a significant comeback. Blonde wood, in particular, can offer you a light vibe while still appearing timeless.

The decoration possibilities with blonde wood are numerous. You can have a stylish, contemporary look or a rustic, domestic mood without replacing the floors.

Also, remember how I mentioned that dark wood floors might make your home appear smaller? Good news! Blonde wood does the opposite! It’s true that blonde wood makes any room appear larger and more open, especially if you use large boards. But we’ll get to it later.

Bamboo, maple, white oak, red oak, and ash are common choices for a blonde wood finish. European white oak, in particular, is rapidly gaining popularity over its red oak relative. While you can use stain to achieve the darker hues listed above, choosing a wood floor that is already blonde is ideal for a light tint.

Sure, you can get there with staining, but have you ever tried bleaching dark hair? I rest my case.

Will the blonde wood trend continue in 2024 and beyond?
If you ask me, the blonde wood appearance will be trend-turned-classic before you can even consider changing it to anything fresh. If you like them, then go for it! They’ll be popular for quite a while.

Whitewashed wooden floors
We are once again embracing the extreme! The whitewashed style is mostly a West Coast/California trend that is spreading across the country. Well, some parts.

The laidback California atmosphere is expanding, and so is the flooring that accompanies it. White-washed wood is at the top of the list.

In addition to the California beachy appeal, whitewashed flooring is ideal for the now popular farmhouse-style homes, particularly kitchens.

When I say “whitewashed,” I don’t mean smooth, finished white wood. Whitewashed wood frequently shows signs of wear, with darker wood emerging from underneath. It perfectly aligns with the aging and worn trends in all forms of flooring for 2024.

Whitewashing will make your home appear brighter, larger, and more comfortable. Depending on the rest of your design, it can give off a “beachy” or premium contemporary vibe.

It can also be a fun and simple DIY project. Better Homes and Gardens has an excellent article on how to bleach solid wood flooring.

If you don’t want to bleach your own flooring, the good news is that manufacturers are supplying a variety of whitewashed wood and wood-look solutions to match the demand for this trend.

Will the white-washed wood trend continue in 2024 and beyond?
Homeowners on the east coast continue to dislike the overall look and feel of the west coast. If this trend persists, it will primarily affect a specific area. If you’re seeking a light wood, I recommend a more versatile blonde wood instead.

Honeywood Floors
Warm, rich honey wood, just a shade darker than the current blonde wood trend, will take 2020 by storm. Even the sound of “honey wood” as it rolls off your tongue sounds lovely and comforting, don’t you think?

Honeywood floors are light enough to provide many of the same benefits as blonde wood, making your room appear larger and more open. However, the slightly darker tone provides a lovely, rich warmth.

Honeywood floors are also available in a variety of popular wood species. Honey has a natural tone, making it easy to find. It will appear more authentic, as you would expect wood to look fresh off the tree.

Warm tones will be popular in the flooring industry in 2020, and if you go this way, I highly recommend a honeywood or wood look. To be honest, the trends frequently alternate between warm and cool tones. However, honey wood is more than a trend; it is a color classic.
Will the honey wood trend continue in 2024 and beyond?
I believe this warm, pleasant tone will remain for the foreseeable future. In fact, while other fads may take the spotlight from time to time, I believe honey wood will remain timeless and relevant for decades.

Gray wood floors
Five years ago, you could have described the gray trend as fresh or emerging. How about now? Is it really a trend anymore?

If “trend” refers to something that is popular and relevant, then the answer is definitely yes! But it is not a fad.

Gray flooring, particularly gray wood, has increased dramatically over the past decade. Manufacturers took a cautious approach, offering a few gray designs to test how homeowners would react.

Well, they responded appropriately! Gray immediately became the most popular color choice, not just for flooring but for entire homes. When I remodeled my home, I chose a wood-look floor with a tinge of gray, followed by strong gray doors and baseboards. Everyone comments on the floor and baseboards, and gray is always a favorite.

Gray flooring not only appears elegant and current but also sets the tone for a cool, contemporary home. They provide a neutral backdrop for decorating in almost any color. Aquas, greens, bright, vibrant hues, or even black and white will all complement your sleek gray flooring.

Will the gray wood floor trend continue in 2024 and beyond?
If you enjoy it, go for it; it’s not going away soon! In fact, gray is likely to remain popular until you need to replace your floors.
Greige wood floors
In terms of wood flooring color trends for 2024, greige (gray + beige) will replace gray. This brown, beige, and gray pattern has grown in popularity over the last year. Greige has actually taken over home design as a whole, coloring almost every area of the house’s floors and walls.

What makes this mixed hue popular in 2024? Beige was a popular flooring color style in the 1990s, before the modern, neutral gray appearance took over. However, one minor drawback of gray is that homeowners do not want their entire home to look constructed of concrete.

Enter greige, which combines the minimalist sense of gray with the depth of beige. The greige wood floor hue complements modern white looks and rustic browns, and contrasts with more aggressive colors in the home.

Greige flooring can be used effectively in any room of the house. Natural light coming through the windows and bouncing off your gray floor adds to the calm atmosphere in your family-friendly kitchen. The distinct color lends a fresh look to bedrooms while giving living areas and entryways a luxurious vibe.

One thing is certain: gray wood floors are an excellent option for resale.

Will the gray wood floor trend continue in 2024 and beyond?

Absolutely. Greige wood flooring is a trendy new trend that I expect to grow much more in the coming decade, as people want to simplify their lives and homes. People are simply looking for the perfect balance of neutrality.
Wood floors with high variation
With advancing flooring technology, it is now easier than ever to make your floors appear more natural and true to their original state. In nature, no two pieces of wood are alike. Manufacturers can now replicate this on their own floors.

As homeowners adopt this trend, businesses will begin to allocate entire areas to high-variance wood colors.

Typically, these differences occur within the same hue family. The wood planks, as you can see above, all seem related to each other; no 17th cousins stand out conspicuously.

However, some flooring incorporates vivid hues alongside their neutrals. It is less frequent, but when done well, it may instantly improve the appearance and feel of your home. It also serves as an excellent discussion starter!

Will the high-variation wood trend continue in 2024 and beyond?

The difficulty with something striking, such as high color diversity, is that it requires a very unique aesthetic. Sure, they’ll probably be popular for the next decade or two.

However, if you’re considering resale value, keep in mind that not everyone will like this style.

Wire brushed wood floors
Homeowners adore the worn appearance of wire brushed wood floors. This fashionable style adds character to your floor while still providing a finished appearance.

Another benefit of wire brushed wood? It covers dirt well, so you won’t have to clean your floors as frequently! If you’re anything like me, that’s a major selling point.

In 2020, wire brushed wood floors were the most popular textured wood flooring style. However, I believe that hand-scraped and distressed wood will soon knock them out of the competition.

While wire brushed floors are cool, if the trend toward defects and character continues, distressed and hand scraped wood will most likely offer more diversity and character.

Distressed wood floors
Wire Brushed floors are like the primary “normal” character in a film. They are unique and have their own individuality. But they don’t exude personality.

However, there are also distressed wood floors, which are comparable to a highly idiosyncratic best friend.

I’m that friend. That’s probably why I enjoy distressed wood.
Distressed wood typically undergoes distressing by machines in a factory, which is a disadvantage. For instance, distressed jeans can cost an additional $100 due to their holes. If you attempt to distress them yourself, the results may be unsatisfactory, leading you to question why you are paying the manufacturer for this service.

Distressed wood serves the same purpose. It does come out looking great. But there’s something about purposefully damaging the wood to achieve the intended effect that still seems wrong to me.

The fundamental characteristic of distressed wood is that it has a history. The distressing occurs naturally, and the wood has a deep history unlike any other wood.

That is why, personally, I am not a big fan of distressed wood. I think a distressed and finished real-aged lumbar will look absolutely stunning in your home.

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