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This article explains how to create logos for responsive sites

Today’s logo faces numerous obstacles. Previously, a logo had to find its way to the headlines of newspaper advertisements or serve as a shop sign. With an increasing number of devices, the modern logo must work harder than ever before to accommodate varied screen sizes, resolutions, and flexible websites.

Given the current needs, two of the most significant characteristics of a logo are adaptability and simplicity. This ensures their effective performance in a variety of formats within the responsive online environment, enabling the brand to adapt to specific device customizations. Best website design company in Dubai can guide you.

If you’re planning to get a logo developed for your business, here’s what you should consider:

Simplicity trumps complexity

The human brain is more likely to read simple forms than complex ones. This is the fundamental component that can make or break your logo when designing one. Look at any successful brand, and you’ll see that the majority have a basic logo that is simple to remember. See a ‘Swoosh’? Yes, that’s Nike. How about an apple with a bite? Apple Computers, you got it right. How about a white ‘f’ on a blue background? That is definitely Facebook.


Take a look at the two logos. Making branding blunders, as Apple did in the beginning, is a regular occurrence for many firms. So, one thing is certain: the simpler it is, the easier it will be to generate brand recognition among customers. Given the limited budget, it is difficult to come up with creative ideas. However, if you understand the importance of keeping things simple, life will be much easier, and branding will be even easier to come by.


Today’s trend is toward responsive websites. Given the number of devices and screen sizes that your website must accommodate, it is nearly a must-have feature. But what about the logo? Well, the logo must follow suit and be as adaptable as possible, given that all industries are becoming more responsive.


Looking at the Skype logo, it’s simple to see how you can make your logo fit all screen sizes, even if it’s long. Regardless, minimizing the real Skype logo isn’t that horrible. The design is clean and adaptable, giving it an advantage over a complex arrangement. Even if your logo is relatively sophisticated, its failure to scale neatly in the context of a responsive website becomes clear.

Best website design company in Dubai